The Tale of Ravouvou and Raluve iVanuakula

The news of Raluve iVanuakula‘s beauty spread to all corners of Fiji and even to the royal courts of the King of Tonga. The King was very impressed and wanted the young beauty to be the bride of his prince. Tongan warriors kidnapped Raluve iVanuakula and took her forcibly to the Kingdom for the grand wedding. But Fijian guile and stratagem worked magic to get the Vanuakula beauty back to her island paradise. She, however, paid dearly for such an episode in her life.

A panel of barkcloth from the late 19th–early 20th century showing a combination of distinct Fijian and Tongan design elements, housed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Click here to read more of the tale of Ravouvou and Raluve iVanuakula

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