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Like the History page, this one will also unfold incrementally overtime.

Wikipedia defines legend as a narrative of human actions that are perceived both by teller and listeners to take place within human history and to possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitude. The definition itself implies somewhat that whilst certain qualities are verisimilar, some others may not. And I suppose that is the stuff of legends. Elements of the legends that have acquired supernatural characteristics have obviously been embellished by the vastness and richness of the tellers’ imagination over generations. But this may not reduce the veracity of the historicity of the story itself. Legends relate stories of real places and real people, and provide an answer at least to how certain things became as they are today.

The contents will include:

  • How the small islands of Kadavu, including Dravuni and surrounding islands within the Great Astrolabe Reefs and Solo (surrounded by the North Astrolabe Reefs) were formed from soil and rocks stolen by Tanovo, the ‘vu’ of Ono, from Mount Nabukelevu at the southern tip of Kadavu Island.
  • The kidnapping of the daughter of the owner of Vanuakula Island, next to Dravuni, by a Tongan prince and the surreptitious expedition (successful I might add) to get her back with a help from a friend from mainland Kadavu.
  • Others as they come to hand.
Vanuakula Island from Dravuni


Tunimata was the owner of Vanuakula. His ‘yavu’, house foundation, was ‘Nauluvatu’.

A P&O liner anchors near Vanuakula Island


Tunimata would have been very impressed with the sheer size of this liner. His favourite pastime was to watch boats sail pass through the Vanuakula passage near by. The passage became the Usborne Pass when Mr. Usborne finally got there centuries later.




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