DDC Update (2009)

Dravuni Development Committee (DDC) had its end-of-the year meeting on 28 December 2009 in the village community hall. Issues discussed included:

  • Facilitation of the execution of projects under the Dravuni 5-Year Development Plan 2007-2011 by improved scheduling and specific timelines;
  • Reviewing the infrastructures, and school management for the kindergarten, Dravuni Primary School (classes 1-4) – both on Dravuni, and Natusara Primary School (Classes 5-8) on Ono Island;
  • Reviewing the status of the residence for the catechist on Dravuni;
  • Reviewing the status of the proposed new residence for Ramalo (Chief);
  • Reviewing the status of the recruitment of the Caretaker for the University of the South Pacific’s Dravuni Research Station and proposed maintenance of the premises;
  • Appointment of the Turaga ni Koro (village headman) to oversee village development;
  • Review of the position of the district leadership. [Dravuni comes under Ono district in the province of Kadavu];
  • Need to complete the Dravuni Water Harvesting Project (Phases 1 & 2), materials for which have all been provided and shipped to Dravuni;
  • Need to step up work on fire safety and better control of brush fire (careless burning);
  • Commendation to the Dravuni women for the completion of their development projects, including an annexed servery to the community hall;
  • Payment of Dravuni’s levy to the provincial budget up to 2010;

DDC Chairperson Panapasa Pone

  • Removal of wild goats from Yaukuve Lailai, in anticipation of the start of a hotel project on the island;
  • Sustaining effective agricultural, livestock, fisheries and forestry activities: establishment of a collective village piggery; increasing food and pine production on Natusara (clan land), Ono Island; commercial harvesting of beche de mer with the use of gas tanks; and illegal fishing;
  • Care and use of ‘Dravuni 1’, the village boat; its not-so-wonderful financial situation; need for certification to determine its passenger capacity; business training by Fiji Institute of Technology following up on its course on boat repair and maintenance; and certification of all boat handlers on Dravuni;
  • Review of the village electrification, solar energy for the community hall  and for the water pump;
  • Financial statements for the DDC – current, trust and investment;
  • Review of Dravuni Day, held on 25 December 2009, after the Christmas service and lunch;
  • Brief discussions on future development proposals, viz: flush toilets for all; warning system and evacuation drill for tsunami; landslide defense structures; better access to the ridge and sprucing up all houses; and
  • Confirmation of DDC chairmanship.