This set of new articles/postings is presented as ‘Reflections.’ The articles/postings essentially represent short reflective essays on life’s experiences. However, to be consistent with the theme of this blog: ‘Getting To Know Dravuni by Kaliopate Tavola,’ it is requisite that the experiences being discussed relate to those lived through on Dravuni itself.  I have taken utmost care, therefore, to be consistent with the theme. Furthermore, I declare that the experiences discussed are my own – having spent my first unbroken nine years of my life on the island and having returned home on several occasions since then.

There are various ways one can write short reflective essays. I have opted to use the format as discussed in I do acknowledge therefore the source and am indeed grateful for the help rendered.


  1. The ‘Saqa’ That Defies Death
  2. All Is Forgiven Despite Breach of Trust
  3. A Touch of Kindness Instead of Being Punitive
  4. Early Christian Converts were Natural Theists – the Trend Continues
  5. It was a Triple Hit in 1959: the Prospect for the Same in Future Remains High

  6. Night Fishing: Was it a Case of ‘Red Sun at Night, Sailor’s Delight?’

  7. Once was Heyday of Respectability
  8. Loneliness: A Means to Aloneness
  9. Dream of Substance
  10. O My Traditional Skills, Where Art Thou?
  11. Confronting Poverty with Stoicism Plus
  12. Whilst school variables were critical, antecedent factors played effective supportive role
  13. Reliving my most embarrassing Moment
  14. Gambling My Last Penny Away
  15. An Early Premonition