Navusalevu Investment Co Ltd

Dravuni families are grouped into two ‘mataqalis’ (larger family grouping; ‘tokatoka’ being the smaller family grouping). Navusalevu Mataqali is the second of these family groupings, and its members make up the bulk of the owners of this private limited company.

NICL’s principal activity at present is stock trading in the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) and in other unlisted stocks in Fiji’s capital market. There have been initiatives taken in other economic activities like kava, t-shirts, sulu (sarong) and beche-de-mer trading. However, these have under-performed. Nevertheless, their contribution to the ‘learning curve’ for the company has been critical.

NICL’s letterhead above displays tribal totems in the ‘vonu’ (turtle), vesi tree (Intsia bijuga) and ‘secala’ (kingfisher).

NICL matters are discussed whenever the mataqali meets, i.e. bi-monthly. Its board, however, sits when the company business demands it.

The senior owners of the company enjoy ‘Navusalevu Day’ celebrations recently in Suva.

NICL Principles


NICL is Mataqali Navusalevu’s first tentative attempt at breaking into business. It is Suva-based consequently, but involving all Mataqali members on Dravuni and elsewhere. It has gone in with a long term view and with a social conscience. It recognizes that it faces a steep learning curve, and it has to take along its shareholders at a pace with which they can cope. This means that there will be setbacks. There will be road humps and quirky turns along the road to progress.  But there is commitment to persevere regardless.

It has opted for stock trading as its first principal economic activity as a means for initial stability whilst it delves into other side activities, involving budding business man and women, and where business acumen and business culture can be learned  and acquired without, hopefully, too much knocks and bumps.

NICL is the business arm of Mataqali Navusalevu. As such, it invariably supports cost centres, critical for the operations of the Mataqali, but do not necessarily guarantee returns. It has financed, for instance, the annual Navusalevu Day celebrations for Mataqali members since inception. Part of the celebrations is the ‘soli’ which is a means for raising equity capital.

Up to 2008, Navusalevu Day’s format and theme were more celebratory. This format changed for 2009. In 2009, Navusalevu Day became the Navusalevu Family Fun Day (NFFD) with appropriate activities and prizes. It was still celebratory, but it called for the participation of all, especially the whole families and children. The first ever NFFD was enjoyed by all (see pictures below). The shareholders on Dravuni itself had their own NFFD in the village. That, too, proved to be a sizzler!

Patiently waiting for others to arrive.
A game of cards fills in time between activities.
There has to be food otherwise it won’t be a fun day!
MC gets NFFD off to a good start with words from the scriptures.
The winning coconut scraper, a member of a team of four who had to husk, break and scrape a whole coconut in record time.
They were not only watching and cheering, but freely offering their advice on how to do it.
The winning side awaits the next challenger.
Obviously the side being out-pulled.
Those who can make it to the group photo at the end of an enjoyable day.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Iliesa Bula says:

    Vinaka vakalevu nai tukutuku ni Kabani.



  2. Asesela Waqa says:

    Vinaka vakalevu na veitaba rairai totoka mai Delaniyavu kei nai tukutuku ni kabani.Sa tu na vakanananu kei na vakanuinui vinaka ni na rawa vinaka na veituvatuva vinaka ko ni sa vakaogai kemuni tiko kina ena kena vakatoroicaketaki na mataqali vakaturaga o Navusalevu.

    Mo ni kalougata ka bula balavu tiko na Turaga kei na Marama Qaqa kei Navusalevu kei na kawabula ni vanua vakaturaga ko Natusara.

    Vakanananu tiko yani e United Kingdom.

    Asesela Waqa.

  3. Beci says:

    Bula Vinaka Momo. Vinaka na vola i tukutuku taka tiko na i talanoa dina kei Natusara. I’ve never gotten tired of reading all your stories put up on this site. This is the 2nd time im re-printing all these stories for my well keeping and of course the pure truth of our vanua. I would be interested to contribute in any kind on the development of our mataqali and our yavusa. Loloma kei na vakanuinui vinaka ni veiqaravi.

  4. kaidravuni says:

    Bula Beci,

    Thanks your comment. I take it that you have also read ‘Mataqali Navusalevu Engaged in Village Development Projects.’ (Hover the cursor on NICL Page). This is work in progress. The projects include house painting, construction of flushed toilets, improvement of water catchment to supply the two concrete tanks and soon, MN will get onto the provision of solar panels for every house in the mataqali. This is all self-funding. The MN members in the village raise funding and I provide donations from here in Suva. You are welcome to donate and you can do that through me or through Iliesa Bula.

    The Suva arm of MN is a bit inactive. I am partly to be blamed for that. But at present, much of my support is being directed at the work in the village.

    As regards the other aspects of the blog – history, contemporary Dravuni, etc, I direct you also to the commentary columns where interactions with visitors to the blog are captured; and they are very interesting too. Best wishes.

  5. Beci says:

    Bula vinaka tale Momo.

    I’ve just read your response now. Vosoti au. I probably was not notified via email. My new email is I have also subscribed to your page (with my new email) so that I may receive future notifications on your updates. I will be back in late 2019 and I wish to be an active member contributing in any form.

    In the meantime, i would be glad to be involved in any online forums for the mataqali.

    Loloma levu kei na vakanuinui vinaka ni tawase ni yabaki.

    1. kaidravuni says:

      Bula tale Beci. I have noted your new email and will add to the list of Mataqali Navusalevu email addresses. Best wishes in your study. kind regards. kt

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