A new poem

A new poem has been added to my Poetry archive.

Loss of a Grandfather

I sat at a distance from Natavasara


A smooth rounded stone

On the foundation of Nukucagina – the adjacent ‘yavu’

Provided a perch for self-reflection

At four years old

I didn’t understand the protocol

I saw however

Groups of adults

Going in and out of Natavasara

I didn’t hear any funebrial wail

Silence and solemnity

Were deafening – in a manner of speaking

Nature’s elements in their finest

It seemed

Had conspired for a contemplative farewell – to the Beyond

Much later

An all-embracing hug from aunt Salote

Woke me up from my reverie

Her reflective parting musing

Still rings true today as it was then

“Isa, Tukana, who will now provide

The grandfatherly care you have become so used to?”

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