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Check out the Poetry page for select poems written by Kaliopate Tavola since 1980. The newest poem to be added to the archive is Vunilagi…


With toes in the wet sand
I could see it – with the innocent lens of a sun-baked village lad
It was all around me
I was imprisoned by its embrace
The only means to reach out and comprehend
What it was and what might be beyond it
Was to dream and reflect

I did travel far and wide
The privilege was sublime
And learned that every destination has its own vunilagi
Its own story to tell
Being unique and illusive
I never once traversed it
But the more I travelled, the more vunilagi that presented themselves

In my advanced age
I have desire to grasp at my vunilagi
My foreordained destination
And understand its hidden messages
Thanks to the butterfly
Whose fluttering effects have plotted a pathway to it
Imbued with God’s providence

In my boyish innocence
I had failed to see the pathway that had beckoned
Writ large and clear
Not in the sands of time
Not on the silvery seas
But in the vunilagi itself: the root of the pathway to Heaven

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