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  1. Luisa Tora says:

    Vinaka vaka levu for this intiative. I look forward to more updates.



  2. Iliesa Bula says:

    Vinaka vakalevu !!! the website is very encouraging and the people of Dravuni from other parts of the world will have a fair idea of what has happen in our beautiful island.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless.


  3. Rob says:

    Great to see promotion of this beautiful island. I have been installing water tanks on Buliya Island and have now set-up a website: http://www.buliyaislandfiji.com
    Will be at Dravuni in January 2011 to speak to the people about a water tank project for them as well.

  4. Semi Tinivata says:

    Vinaka Rob. God bless.

  5. Mereia says:

    Bula vinaka to you all, I kind of browsing through and stumble on this page…..AWESOME!!!…absolutely technology is amazing in networking up-keeping amongst the many thousands friends and families…despite the many thousand miles setting us apart….a wonderful initiative….loloma levu….Mereia

  6. kaidravuni says:

    Bula Mereia,

    Thanks your comment. Yes indeed, technology is amazing. In 2012, I had posted that Nei Molivou (picture on ‘Contemporary Dravuni’ page) had passed away and I received immediately a message of condolences all the way from USA – from Kathy who happened to have been on a tourist boat that visited Dravuni and had met up with Nei Molivou.

    For me, blogging is my preferred form of writing now. I had entertained writing books and my memoire in the past and had started writing novels. My laptop now has two or three chapters 1 of different novels I had started. I doubt whether I will ever finish them. I’m now hooked on blogging. There is no money in it, but a lot of fun and excitement. I just need to be a lot more active in posting/uploading.

    Now, something tells me that I should know you. My family is full of Mereia; and Mereia Ranadi rings a bell. It would be good to know.

    kind regards

    1. Mereia says:

      Bula vinaka

      Yes, I should be one of those Mereia, where as my second name Ranadi relates to mom side from Lokia Rewa.

      I really love the many stories that you have now made known to so many of us missing out on the traditional ‘Tukuni’ times, caught up by marriage and education and work.

      1. kaidravuni says:

        Bula tale Mereia, I have lost track of you and brother Simeli. Simeli was the one I last met. Please give me an update of what you are doing and stay in touch. I am glad that you are enjoying the blog.

  7. Elenoa Raluve Bula says:

    Bula vinaka 🙂 thank you very much Tutu Lailai for this website. It was really enjoyable to read and learn more about Dravuni Island.

  8. kaidravuni says:

    Thank you dear, I’m glad that you enjoy reading the blog. There is more to write of course. But I want your dad to contribute more to the body of information that is being compiled here. I suppose he has two ways in which he can contribute. First, he can comment on various posting, other comments or comment on my various responses to comments. Secondly, he can email me materials that he has written and I can post them with appropriate acknowledgement. So it is very nice of you dear to post your comment. But shall we have a deal that you persuade your dad to contribute more?

    love to all. 22

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