DDC update…

Dravuni Development Committee (DDC) had its end-of-the year meeting on 28 December 2009 in the village community hall. Issues discussed included:

  • Facilitation of the execution of projects under the Dravuni 5-Year Development Plan 2007-2011 by improved scheduling and specific timelines;
  • Reviewing the infrastructures, and school management for the kindergarten, Dravuni Primary School (classes 1-4) – both on Dravuni, and Natusara Primary School (Classes 5-8) on Ono Island;
  • Reviewing the status of the residence for the catechist on Dravuni;
  • Reviewing the status of the proposed new residence for Ramalo (Chief);
  • Reviewing the status of the recruitment of the Caretaker for the University of the South Pacific’s Dravuni Research Station and proposed maintenance of the premises;
  • Appointment of the Turaga ni Koro (village headman) to oversee village development;
  • Review of the position of the district leadership. [Dravuni comes under Ono district in the province of Kadavu];
  • Need to complete the Dravuni Water Harvesting Project (Phases 1 & 2), materials for which have all been provided and shipped to Dravuni;
  • Need to step up work on fire safety and better control of brush fire (careless burning);
  • Commendation to the Dravuni women for the completion of their development projects, including an annexed servery to the community hall;
  • Payment of Dravuni’s levy to the provincial budget up to 2010;
DDC Chairperson Panapasa Pone
  • Removal of wild goats from Yaukuve Lailai, in anticipation of the start of a hotel project on the island;
  • Sustaining effective agricultural, livestock, fisheries and forestry activities: establishment of a collective village piggery; increasing food and pine production on Natusara (clan land), Ono Island; commercial harvesting of beche de mer with the use of gas tanks; and illegal fishing;
  • Care and use of ‘Dravuni 1’, the village boat; its not-so-wonderful financial situation; need for certification to determine its passenger capacity; business training by Fiji Institute of Technology following up on its course on boat repair and maintenance; and certification of all boat handlers on Dravuni;
  • Review of the village electrification, solar energy for the community hall  and for the water pump;
  • Financial statements for the DDC – current, trust and investment;
  • Review of Dravuni Day, held on 25 December 2009, after the Christmas service and lunch;
  • Brief discussions on future development proposals, viz: flush toilets for all; warning system and evacuation drill for tsunami; landslide defense structures; better access to the ridge and sprucing up all houses; and
  • Confirmation of DDC chairmanship.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dave Herrington says:

    Hi ,

    We visited your beautiful island in June this year and we all thought it was so beautiful.
    As a thank you we would like to send some small gifts for the school on Dravuni Island.
    My friend got the teachers name but has lost it so could you please let me know the teachers name and the address which we should send it to.

    Thanks in anticipation for your help and we hope you are all well and hope you have a lovely Christmas.


    Dave Herrington

    1. kaidravuni says:

      Bula Dave,

      Thanks your comment and kind words. Thanks also for considering sending gifts for the school. Much appreciated. The best contact would be the School manager who has a postal address in Suva. Her name is Mrs Eta Qereqeretabua, PO Box 4933, Samabula, Suva, Fiji. Her email address is: etaq@connect.com.fj. Should that fail you can also email her husband at radike@gmail.com

      Yes Christmas is around the corner. I take this opportunity to send you and family best wishes, Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

      kind regards
      kaliopate tavola

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