Benefit from the Exhibition Continues


The exhibition: Dravuni – Sivia yani na Vunilagi – Beyond the Horizon closed on 10 October 2016 at the New Zealand Maritime Museum (NZMM) in Auckland. The benefit from it, however, continues to flow to the Dravuni community, especially to the primary school (classes 1-4) and to the kindergarten. Three boxes of much-needed school and drawing and colouring materials had already been delivered to Dravuni and had been gratefully received. Another box is awaiting delivery. NZMM’s kindness and that of Ms Jacqui Knowles specifically are gratefully acknowledged.

Reading between the lines, there could be further collaborations in future between the two parties. In the meantime, the Dravuni team to the Exhibition is finalizing a TOR with USP’s Institute of Education (IOE) for two publications of the legend of Taunovo and Tautaumolau, whose narration was a principal component of the Exhibition. It is proposed that one publication will be in English whilst the other will be in the Dravuni dialect.



At the community level, there is much thought-provoking discussions on the theme of the Exhibition – Sivia yani na Vunilagi or Beyond the Horizon, especially its utility as regards setting new aspirational targets both for individual and collective goals.




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