The Legend Abridged

I wrote the legend of Taunovo (aka Tanovo) and Tautaumolau and published it on 16.02.14 as a contribution under the Legends section. For the Exhibition: ‘Dravuni – Sivia yani na Vunilagi: Beyond the Horizon,’ 24 June – 10 October 2016, (see Exhibition), I related the story in Fijian to the children of Dravuni and this was recorded and the video was part of the Exhibition. Sub-titles were subsequently added onto the video for wider appreciation.


On 12.02.17, I posted, Benefit from Exhibition Continues. I mentioned in it, inter alia, that USP/IOE was interested in publishing the legend as a reader for children and that TOR were being negotiated. The TOR has now been signed and work has now started on writing a reader for children between 7-10 years old.

Two versions will be published: one in Dravuni dialect and one in English. The story will be condensed into 500 words; each page to relate its own sub-plot that lends itself to individual reflective illustrations.

It is being envisaged that this publication offshoot of the exhibition is a rudimentary bud that will grow into exiting projects in future, for example, more book publication, e-book, self-publication and book making.

In the context of Dravuni- Rural Village Economy, these prospective activities are likely to contribute to rural economic diversification, rural young entrepreneurship, women empowerment and hopefully sustainable development.

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  1. Marvellous! Will one of your artistic daughters do the illustrations?

  2. kaidravuni says:

    Hi Sylvia, Good to hear from you. I hope that all is well there. The illustrations have been done by the children of Dravuni. It will be a matter of selecting the most suitable ones. This will be Ema’s task.

    kind regards

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