Prospect of Growth in Tourism

You will note from ‘Dravuni – Rural Village Economy’, posted on 13.03.17, the prominence of the tourism sector in this rural island economy.  The prospect of further growth is on the cards given the interests from various hoteliers to date.

Yaukuve Sewa or Yaukuve Lailai is adjacent and very close to Yaukuve Levu, location of Kokomo Resorts. At the start of this hotel project, under a previous owner, Yaukuve Sewa was going to contain accommodation units only for the staff of the hotel. However, this has lapsed. The indigenous owners of the island are therefore considering a hotel development or something similar; and there is interest from prospective hotel developers.

Across the lagoon from Yaukuve Levu and to the west is Namara Island that is attracting a lot of interests. Namara Island is about a third the size of Yaukuve Levu and closer to the other islands: Yanuyanu iLoma, Yanuyanu iSau, whilst Qasibale and Vanuakula are not far off.

The intensification of the tourism industry in the context of ‘Dravuni – Rural Village Economy’ will of course bring increased benefits to the villagers and also increased challenges in trying to manage the sector and especially the externalities resulting from this development. The villagers are best advised to put in place measures now that will help them to maximize the gains in future whilst minimizing their costs. Any lessons gained from the Kokomo Resorts development need to be heeded.

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  1. sylvia519 says:

    Wow, interesting detective work. Good that you have been able to follow your instincts with such research. It makes Aotearoa seem so recently discovered.

  2. kaidravuni says:

    Bula Sylvia, With more details emerging from the work related to the early Lapita migration, it does make things very interesting.

    kind regards

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